Saturday, February 6, 2010

Karlskrona friends

This is Josh partying with my lady friends while I'm away, so fun! He thinks he looks like a drunken stalker, I agree.

Stephanie (on the left above) took this photo of Mark and I at the Wanas Foundation. It was a lovely day.

London Town

I had the opportunity to go to London last week to attend a showcase of Master's student work from the Fashion & the Environment program at the London College of Fashion. It was amazing, but we did a little sight seeing as well! I absolutely loved it there: super cool night life, we were lucky with two days of blue skies, and a vintage quality throughout the city. Good food too: curry markets and cafe's! Check out some cool photos of the town...

I started off with a Guiness...

And attended the showcase of work from the Fashion & the Environment program.
Queen Elizabeth Hall is lovely.

Westminster Abbey

We hit the curry street in Shoreditch

We stopped at Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard, so many tourists! I really wanted a photo making a funny face next to the guard, but this was cool too:)

We went out and found this amazing little double decker bus turned into a restaurants. We went in to find a cute little dating scene.

Old and new architecture, looks like a superimposed image, huh?

This hidden cafe reminded me of New Orleans

Big Ben!

And then we were delayed a night because of a big snowstorm in the nordic lands...we returned to a majestic Karlskrona.

New Apartment

We shifted apartments! Now we are subletting a lovely place on the south west of the island. We have a kitchen we can both fit in it now! It feels much more like home:)