Friday, August 28, 2009

Josh's bday at the Skärva Eco Farm and Karaoke!

Today was Josh's bday!  It was quite healthy and eventful for us, compared to what Josh's birthday usually is, which he usually doesn't remember:)  We bicycled to the Skärva Eco Farm which isn't too far from Karlskrona. There they have a little eco-butik with loads of dried foods, spices and tea.

This farm has remained an organic farm through the 'popular' introduction of chemicals and industrial agriculture.  After getting a overview about the history of the farm and Karlskrona itself, we volunteered by picking beans!  These bean plants were in dire need of it too, as some had toppled over from the weight of its fruit.  
So many!  And this was just some of the pickings!
Afterwards Henrik treated us to a delicious sampling of what the store had to offer.  

It is such a beautiful place.  Riding bikes is definately the way to get here because the air smells so clean and crisp and the scenery is breathtaking.
Below are composting toilets, which don't smell!  
This is the farm's peacock.
Karaoke'ing at the Fox and Anchor.  Ridiculously fun!  

Bicycle Coop at BTH

There is a bicycle coop at my school.  Hopefully I will be able to update its organization, because it sure needs it!  What a good opportunity!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Graphic what not

This city was made to house a naval base, the nautical heritage 
here is pronounced everywhere. This is a ship plaque set into 
the side of an old building.  
It's interesting going to another place and seeing the graphics 
they use for the streets and wayfinding.  I have been enjoying 
the graphics as well as some of the old type.
This is on an old ship we found when walking around the naval base
I like this dog graphic.  

Rachel's runnin!

We found a place for Rachel to be off-leash and run around a little bit!  She was so happy to stretch her legs. 
Such old and beautiful architecture here; this is the school where we were running around the soccer field with Rach.

Karlskrona, by the naval base

It really is something else pretty.  The clouds are so gorgeous and always making it that much more picturesque.

Bonfire & New Friends

Last night I finally got to meet more of my new classmates...there will be 60 of us!  Rebecca from New Zealand put together this little shin dig and it couldn't have been a more perfect night...beautiful beach, great food, fantastic people.


The bjorkholmen is a small neighborhood made up of wooden cottages.  Dating back to the 1700's, the neighborhood began as housing for the shipyard workers (the shipyard being directly adjacent to it).  Now, many of the bright cottages are preserved and in use.  Our new friend John is living in one for the school year, and I can't wait to go inside one of these!

Farmers Market lunches

Everyday (except Sunday), someone sets up tent in the square for us to buy fresh produce (cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, bread...!  We have had such luck to have fresh sandwiches every day for lunch.  As Josh would say, num-nummerz!  


Swedish Ikea

Our voyage to Sweden wouldn't be fulfilled without traveling to Ikea.  After two nights of sleeping on a rock hard floor, we took a 1.5 hour bus ride to high-tail a mattress home.  Our backs are still thanking us.  Ikea is so smart for rolling up their mattresses into little portable packages!  If you need to get to this Ikea in Kalmar (the closest one to Karlskrona), you take the bus 500 from Karlskrona Central to Kalmar Central (approx 80 crowns) , and then take the bus 404 to ikea (21 crowns, or two people for 28 crowns).  
Josh using his brawn.... :)

Karlskrona Second Hand

If you know me at all, you know I love finding vintage furniture and wares...and I'm especially a sucker for lamps.  Which is why the beauty below was my first purchase from Karlskrona Second Hand.  Its amazingly full store of antiques and treasures, from floor to ceiling (recommendation: don't wear a large backpack inside)!  Some things are pricey, but the owner knows his stuff.  He will most likely offer you a cup of coffee, and when you ask for the price of something he will tell you the date and history behind it.  I totally recommend going here, if not for the antiques, then for the coffee and to talk to the delightful antiquesman.  Its on Drottningatan, a few blocks south of Kyrkogatan.  All of the antique stores here keep odd'll know this one is open when the awnings are out, the sidewalk is overflowing with goods, and the coffee thermos is steaming on the stoop.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

nerd alert! (pt.1)

Crys is quite into the antiquities of this little town, she's well on her way towards becoming a full fledged eco-steampunk.

Saltö Fiskhall

This was our first real meal (8/16).  It was the freshest food Josh (and I've) eaten in what seems like forever. It was instantly decided this is a top-ranking place to take the parents (granted they make it out while it's still warm).

(stuffed to the brim with fresh shrimp n crawdads, topped with a creamy dill dressing, truly mouthwatering: josh)