Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nudes in the Swedish news

I swear, its their favorite thing to have nude models in the papers and on the tele. I feel like such a prude giddy American seeing it! But really, its cool that the human body isn't such a outlandish thing here to be part of a public ad campaign. Anyway, enjoy!

Josh's Italian adventure

Josh arrived in Florence last night and should be in Panzano now!
He will be there until mid-June (or longer? fingers crossed) as one Dario Cecchini's butchery apprentices. I'll try to post updates from him as I get them. Yay Josh!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

for turin!

alright boys, study the photos below because next winter we are gonna find us a hill, build some of these sonbitches and get real hurt.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring has sprung, bitches

We have been intensely enjoying the outdoors like the rest of the town! Its about 40F everyday now and absolutely lovely. Karlskrona in the winter is pretty but kind of like a ghost town. Now people are out walking their dogs, plants are bursting through cracks in the sidewalk, and we can sit by the water without ice collecting below our noses. Yay!

Go plants!



Sunday, March 28, 2010

Second hand/ Vintage shops in Malmö

So, in Karlskrona there is not many second hand stores to go to. There is the Red Cross between Trossö and BTH, there is also Human Bridge, which you have to take a bus to and is almost at Kungsmarken. I only went once, its big, but I would only go again if I was really bored because I found no clothing, just a sewing machine.

In Malmö you will be delighted at the fantastic shopping opportunities!
Here is a list of just a few stores I went to, that were told to me by a local lady, Matilda, who works at Deleted Art Records.

Humana: On Möllevångsgatan just east of Södra Förstadsgatan
Great selection of vintage clothing items for men and women
Myrorna: On Södra Förstadsgatan just north of Möllevångsgatan
Vintage and second hand clothing along with belts, jewelry, furniture and bags and everything!
I bought a sweater here and a tank top, and they were about 50kr each. Josh got a dudes collared shirt for the same price!
Rundgång & Deleted Store: On Kristianstadsgatan between Bergsgatan and Norra Parkgatan
This is the super cute record store of the girl that gave me these places. They have a room full of old vintage garments and jewelery. I found adorable baby clothes here for my prego friends!
Tjallamalla: Davidshallsgatan 15
This store has vintage and new things interspersed. They did not have a focus on sustainable or eco fashions, but they had the vintage finds and pieces made in Sweden. I bought a dress from a super old Swedish company that I hope to wear allllll summer.

I'm not a big shopper, but I hadn't bought anything (except a winter hat and slippers) since we arrived in August. So it was so nice to make conscious purchases that I will have for a long long time. Yay!

malmö/ jesse hodges scandanavian visit

Riding the train to Malmö.

Off the train we quickly settled into a Pilsner Urquell owned bar.

View from the bar of Lilla Torg square.

Swedes used to be badass vikings, now they just use their heritage to inform you of discount items. I personally would like to see a resurgance in raping and piliging the English, but whatever.

Nike tracksuits for Jesus.

Malmö Folkets Park (right behind Debaser) has a ride dedicated to every terrible Batman movie and the awful Catwoman spinoff.

This kid seems shocked and/ or frightened by the fact that you are trying to eat a cake with her face on it, plus the hat thing.

Debaser venue for the nights Pteradactyl show.

Before the show we went with Jesse and the dactyl's too a party at Deleted Art Records and then to the bar pictured below for more pre-party partying. (photo taken the morning after)

Hodges in action.

Swedish rock 'n' roll fans.

Ft Worth to Sweden.

I am sure each one of us will say this is easily the best picture we've ever taken.

DAY 2!
Kung-fu mannequins.

Crystal was taken by the little old lady in white and her bubble umbrella.

Malmö's farmers market kicks Karlskrona's ass.

This is an old cemetary downtown, it had more flowers/ greenary than either of us had seen in too damn long.



A cute old phonebooth in Lilla Torg square and token tourist photos to accompany it.

This place might have a vegetarian option for you, but it's at your own risk.

Goose crossing.

Malmohus Castle is the oldest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia, it was built by a Danish king when Malmo was part of Denmark and then was fortified in the 1600's (with the addition of the moat seen below) by a Swede and quickly repelled the last Danish attempt to reclaim the land. I think some Danes still hold all this against Sweden, and vice-versa.

Many a Danish invader were most likely killed by arrows shot through this neat little arrow shooting hole. Castles are cool.

A windmill stripped of its power.

Cityhall in Stortoget square.

This is S:T Petri Kyrka (St. Peter's Church), it dates back to the early 14th century. The picture doesn't really do the steeple justice because it is really ludicrously tall. The fact that it was made without any modern technology (like a crane) is just wild.

A bundle of bikes as we head to the train station and back to Karlskrona.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Still f'ing cold.

Dear Internet,

Please bring summer to Sweden soon!!! We are cold.

Crystal and Josh and Rachel.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Swedish commercials ever

So its still cold here.
Meaning we have developed a personal relationship with some of the television advertisements here.
Particilarly the Com Hem commercials.
There are two little red headed women that must be sisters and these commercials crack me up no matter what.
Check it out:)

We'll post more as we find them.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Karlskrona friends

This is Josh partying with my lady friends while I'm away, so fun! He thinks he looks like a drunken stalker, I agree.

Stephanie (on the left above) took this photo of Mark and I at the Wanas Foundation. It was a lovely day.

London Town

I had the opportunity to go to London last week to attend a showcase of Master's student work from the Fashion & the Environment program at the London College of Fashion. It was amazing, but we did a little sight seeing as well! I absolutely loved it there: super cool night life, we were lucky with two days of blue skies, and a vintage quality throughout the city. Good food too: curry markets and cafe's! Check out some cool photos of the town...

I started off with a Guiness...

And attended the showcase of work from the Fashion & the Environment program.
Queen Elizabeth Hall is lovely.

Westminster Abbey

We hit the curry street in Shoreditch

We stopped at Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard, so many tourists! I really wanted a photo making a funny face next to the guard, but this was cool too:)

We went out and found this amazing little double decker bus turned into a restaurants. We went in to find a cute little dating scene.

Old and new architecture, looks like a superimposed image, huh?

This hidden cafe reminded me of New Orleans

Big Ben!

And then we were delayed a night because of a big snowstorm in the nordic lands...we returned to a majestic Karlskrona.